The Camper Christmas Story

Twas the first of October, and six months had passed.
With our house still on the market, hope dwindled fast.
We painted, we staged, we sought good advice,
But alas, not one offer, although it looked nice.

We hoped and we prayed for a buyer to come,
But nothing, and no one. We thought, “This is dumb!”
Tempted to quit, and wait ’til the Spring,
Surely more buyers we thought that would bring.

Then one Tuesday night, just like the rest,
We got our first offer, though it wasn’t the best.
Wheeling and dealing, concessions were made,
Until at long last, the new buyers paid!

Now happily stranded, with no place to go.
We considered our options, from Brookwood to Soho.
Homeless we were, when my boss came to say,
“You can stay in my camper, and there’s no need to pay!”

We’ve now made a home in this apartment on wheels,
But it’s sure hard to stomach only microwave meals.
And though a camper is not the ideal place to live,
It makes us appreciate the gifts only God can give.

As written in scripture, Romans 8:28,
God works all things together, for good, which is great.
So we celebrate this holiday in a not-so-normal way,
Mindful of the most important gift born on Christmas Day!

2012 Christmas Card mock-up